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Dear Friends and bread-lovers,

First of all, thank you so much for your support over the years. As an independent bakery with commitment to artisanal methods, we could not have survived the past two years without you. 

With the recent complications due to Brexit, the pandemic and a steep increase in prices have meant that we have only just got by. In order to continue to bring you the very best quality, we’ve had to adjust our prices. We did not take this decision lightly and hope you understand what a difficult call this was to make.

We’ll still be at our usual spots, waiting to fill your hearts and bellies with the handcrafted labours of love.

We’re Still Baking!

We’re Still Serving!

We continue to bake around the clock to serve all our local communities. Please check our ‘Where to find us‘ page for the latest on opening times.

Priority will be given to elderly customers and anyone working for the NHS and emergency services.

As ever, we follow diligent and strict hygiene standards to ensure our bakery and market stands are safe for us all to enjoy.

We bake in small batches and all our market displays are regularly looked after.

We’re hugely grateful for the support of our communities and hope to be of service in return. If you have any questions please email us

Our Story

‘There is nothing more beautiful than creating honest food and making people happy.’

Everything we bake embodies our passion for traditional artisan methods, our respect for organic local produce and our patience-driven approach to delicious food. Our breads and pastries are hand-crafted, baked daily at sunrise and we source our stone-ground flours from local mills. Bread was one of the first foods to be shared between early civilisations and that is what we try to teach. We place bread back where it belongs—at the centre of the table from which loved ones can rip, pull, tear and above all, share.

Organic Ingredients

Beautiful Ingredients Sourced from Trusted Suppliers

Olivier’s Bakery is proud to use organic and local ingredients from the cold-pressed, extra-virgin 100% Italian olive oil down to the unsalted butter, artisanally made from milk sourced from pasture-fed cows in Britain. Most of our flour is organic and stone ground in Shipton, a mill in Gloucestershire dating back to medieval times. Using organic flours means every batch is different, requiring the baker’s keen and observant eye like an orchestra conductor to harmoniously pull every element together. No added gluten, no preservatives, no improvers, no rubbish.

Traditional Methods

A Long Tradition of French Savoir-Faire

Our bakeries, our products and the methods we employ are part of a timeless French savoir-faire, sophisticated and homely in equal measure. Our capital’s changing humidity also plays its role in the way we bake, as an act as simple as opening the bakery window can lead to a crunchier crust or a denser dough. Baking is one of the oldest art forms and we believe it requires few yet essential ingredients: flour, water, a dash of sea salt and a great deal of love and patience.

Our Philosophy

Beliefs from the Heart

Good and beautiful bread cannot be rushed – It requires love, care and patience, principles which are inextricably kneaded into its soft, stretchy dough. Olivier believes in hiring only exceptional people behind the scenes who share his vision and passion for quality baking. We don’t compromise at Olivier’s Bakery. Our sole aim is to make our customers happy by bringing people together around a common love.

Baguettes | Oliviers Bakery

Visit Us

Olivier’s Bakery brings to its market stands a dazzling array of freshly baked breads, pastries and cakes, including a special range of 100 percent spelt breads and heavenly delicious brownies. Find the closest market stall to you to try them for yourself.

Latest News


Pam Whittingham

Best almond croissants EVER. Wish I could make this a weekly treat. Picked them up from your stall at Venn St market. Usually visit Borough Market. Will be tucking into your rosemary focaccia a bit later. #loveborough

Joe McKay

Thank you to Olivier’s Bakery at Glastonbury, best brownie and only place to get a decent coffee. See you all in London.

Alex Meadows

Hands down the best bread I’ve bought anywhere – amazingly good.

Nige Brad

I came across Olivier’s Bakery at a festival. I was immediately drawn to an impressive display and was subsequently blown away with the spelt breads and the most delicious almond croissants. We tried ALL their produce over the weekend – literally became addicted!
The higher cost breads are truly worth the spend, they definitely last a little longer but the quality, flavours & textures are incredible – for me that is where the value is.


Now then, where’s the mail-order option.

Angelika Schäfer

We bought a spelt sourdough bread with its kf seeds on top. Absolutely yummy, great flavor, nice and semi-dense with a perfect crust.

Gianpaolo Tavassi

Best bread I’ve had for ages in London and very friendly staff at the Kingston Market stall. Will definitely come back for more!

Fiona Sneddon

So yummy! Pastries are to die for and the staff are lovely: the girls on the campsite crew really looked after us at the IoW this weekend.Thank you for my breakfast and snacks.