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A Long Tradition of French Savoir-Faire

Our bakeries, our products and the methods we employ are part of a timeless French savoir-faire, sophisticated and homely in equal measure. Our capital’s changing humidity also plays its role in the way we bake, as an act as simple as opening the bakery window can lead to a crunchier crust or a denser dough.

We make everything by hand at our bakery, which can take several days due to the traditional methods we use use to make our pastries and bread. Of course there are mechanical elements to our process but, ultimately, everything is made and shaped by us, moving through the baker’s knowing hands with love and integrity. Mastering these methods is part of what makes baking at Olivier’s Bakery a challenging and rewarding experience, and is an important element in creating our high-quality baked goods.  The extra time and care we put into baking is complemented by both our fantastic ingredients and the sincerity and skill of our bakers.

With baking, you cannot accelerate, you cannot cut corners; you can only follow the process until it is ready. We make bread as it was, hundreds of years ago. With responsibly sourced ingredients, time to let the good flavours develop and made without patience.