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Beautiful Ingredients Sourced from Trusted Suppliers

Baking is one of the oldest art forms and we believe it requires few yet essential ingredients: flour, water, a dash of sea salt and a great deal of love and patience. No added gluten, no preservatives, no improvers, no rubbish.

Olivier’s Bakery is proud to use organic and local ingredients from the cold-pressed, extra-virgin 100% Italian olive oil down to the unsalted butter, artisanally made from milk sourced from pasture-fed cows in Britain. Most of our flour is organic and stone ground in Shipton, a mill in Gloucestershire dating back to medieval times.

Using organic flours means every batch is different, requiring the baker’s keen and observant eye like an orchestra conductor to harmoniously pull every element together.

With no added soya or gluten, it is entirely in the hands of the baker to effect the miracle of transforming soft powder to dense loaves. Every week we receive a different batch of flour, and every week we need to think about how that particular flour is going to work. Being the product of the soil and the weather, each batch will react slightly differently to water, yeast and temperature.